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What is R&D?

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase bounded about before. Nodding along as an industry seasoned pro but secretly wondering if, or how, it might apply to you, but not feeling able to ask – we’ve all been there.

Like most industries, there is a tendency to abbreviate anything and everything that can possibly be abbreviated and to assume that everybody knows exactly what they’re taking about. Research and Development probably isn’t what you picture in your head when you hear it. It isn’t just long white coats and Bunsen burners or bespectacled geeks writing code in a dark room.

It’s tackling climate change by building greener products and buildings. It’s automating processes, developing ai, making homes smarter, making things faster, stronger, cheaper; better. It’s any of those things and a thousand and one more. It is for businesses who solve problems and make things better than they were. Most importantly, it is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Do I Qualify?

Still worried about wasting your time?

Take this short survey to see if you fall into any key R&D areas. If you do, then book a meeting! If you find that you’re not sure on how to answer, it’s a sign that you could do with a conversation with us anyway, to see if we can help you answer those questions.

Book a meeting

We don’t want to waste your time. Whilst we’re doing something we’re proud of, that you could benefit from, this is not a hard sell scenario. As quickly as possible, we want to identify whether you are doing any research and development. This short meeting is crucial, just to get an understanding of what you do, and then you can decide whether to take it further, or not!

Thanks to the wonder that is ZOOM we can do this all online. Use the button below to book a slot that works for you and together we can help you explore the tricky world of R&D claims.

How we work

R&D is by its very nature a technical subject. So HMRC require a quite specific methodology in order to evaluate a claim. Our 4 step process enables us to maximise your claim value by not missing any of the key information that exists within your company while keeping your workload light and your stress minimal. We take the pain and the strain, out of the claim.

We do this in 4 steps.


This is a short 30 minute interview. We provide a little R&D background but mostly we just listen to you talk about your business and your project, occasionally popping up with helpful questions.


After we have looked at the accounts we can produce the skeleton of the claim.
This internal process is completed when we present you with the rough what, where and how much proposal.

It’s at this point we usually get an audible ‘Yes!’ from you.


Depending on the size and complexity of the claim, this is where collaboration will mostly take place.

We will interview your staff and liaise with you about the finer points of your project, ensuring every pound is accounted for and that we are fully equipped to handle the great big machine that we call HMRC.


Once you are happy with all of the information we submit your claim for you and HMRC will process the documents before paying the money directly into your account.

This is typically a 28 day process.

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