Many people overlook construction when they’re thinking about R&D but they are wrong to do so. It is, in fact, an industry rich in research and development that we want to help you access.

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Typical R&D Sentences

We are absolutely convinced that if either of the following two statements are true about your business, then you are doing R&D works and should speak with us.

3D Modelling

We have been designing in-house or outsourced design, using BIM 3D software and are actively involved in construction products when BIM models are being used. Or, we are working towards being BIM compliant.

M&E Integration

We have worked on projects where existing buildings have required new or updated mechanical or technological devices that needed to be integrated into the existing structure. We designed, or installed these systems.

“The project was ambitious and we had to meet the brief. Normal building methods wouldn’t work.”

“We needed a specialist so we paid a third party to come up with the solution.”

“We wanted to find a better way of doing our job, so we tested a few things.”

“New restrictions meant that we had to come up with ‘outside the box’ methods.”

“We had to modify components and fittings to make them work on our project.”