Problem solving is the bread and butter for all engineers, making most of them inherently Randee. We want to help such engineers access their hard-earned R&D relief.

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Typical R&D Sentences


We have had to use CAD packages to perform various design studies and simulations (e.g. stress, thermal, and fluid) as part of the design of a new or improved product.


We have had to design and build several prototypes to analyse their performance and inform development – computed simulations were not enough!

“We have invested in making a product or process perform more sustainably”

“We had to operate with significantly difficult tolerances”

“We had to design something to operate in extreme conditions”

“We had to accommodate a significantly restrictive technical brief”

“We have reduced the cost to manufacture without compromising on performance or quality”

“We participated in feasibility studies to create or design proof of concepts and/or prototypes”

“We combined several materials typically not used together”