Material Engineering

Innovation is fuelled by the creation of new materials. Such Randee materials are those developed to be lighter, stronger, multifunctional, smart, and greener.

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Typical R&D Sentences

We are absolutely convinced that if either of the following two statements are true about your business, then you are doing R&D works and should speak with us.


We have developed new composites for added/improved functionality, performance, costing, or sustainability.

SMART Materials

We have invested in the creation of smart, responsive materials. These may communicate with technology, or even react to forces, temperatures, and chemicals.

“We have had to develop materials to be more biodegradable without compromising properties.”

“We have had to develop alternatives to different plastics.”

“We have had to trial multiple combinations of chemicals and materials.”

“We have contributed to feasibility studies.”

“We have tested multiple methods of recycling and reusing spent materials.”

“We developed a material to operate in extreme conditions.”

We improved the properties of an existing material.”