Mechanical and Automotive

Fasteners, pulleys, gears, bearings, and all things mechanical! Randee machines and motors come in all shapes, sizes, and fuel types - including electric!

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Typical R&D Sentences

We are absolutely convinced that if either of the following two statements are true about your business, then you are doing R&D works and should speak with us.

Electric Vehicles

We have invested in the design and use of electric vehicles. This may include starting from the ground up or adapting existing cars to be either solely electric or petrol hybrids.


We have had to use CAD packages to perform various design studies and simulations (e.g. stress, thermal, and fluid) as part of the design of a new or improved product.

“We have contributed to feasibility studies.”

“We have adapted classical cars for everyday use.”

“We developed a component to be more economical and/or sustainable.”

“We have experimented with the use of 3D printing.”

“We developed a new or improved product – integrating new technologies, functionality, and/or sustainability.”

“We had to overcome heavily restrictive tolerances – accounting for the likes of thermal expansion, deformation, and different geometries.”

We had to design a non-standard HVAC and/or M+E system.”