Property Development

Randee property developments look beyond the ol’ brick and mortar and instead, step into the likes of affordable and sustainable designs, materials, and conversions.

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Typical R&D Sentences


We have invested in making properties more sustainable. This could include attaining Passivhaus standards, experimenting with different materials or trialling different systems to capture and store energy.

Listed Property

We have had to work with listed buildings with restrictive conditions that prevent standard development work

“We had to work around limited site conditions that prevent standard procedures”

“We have invested in making housing more affordable without compromising on quality”

“We had to convert commercial buildings into residential, ensuring standards were met”

“We experimented with how properties could generate renewable energy”

“We have invested in the development of panelised and/or volumetric modular systems”

“We have experimented with methods of making properties disaster proof/resistant”