Scaffolding requires skilled engineering combined with a practical design methodology, especially on complicated or damaged structures.

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Typical R&D Sentences

We are absolutely convinced that if either of the following two statements are true about your business, then you are doing R&D works and should speak with us.

Temporary Access Bridge

Bridges are a common part of life, but they are anything but simple. We decided to create a temporary bridge structure to enable temporary rail crossing access that was cheaper, quicker to install and just as safe as the current designs on the market.

Modified Components

Most scaffolding components are standard issue. But we found a few situations where the standard equipment just wouldn’t suit, so we had to improvise and modify and existing parts to make the system work.

“Access was difficult and we had to meet a brief. Normal building methods wouldn’t work.”

“We had to produce in-house, or sub contract design work in order to produce a 3D CAD model of the scaffolding design”

“We designed a complex, phased system that had to be adapted as the job progressed.”

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